Jaw Corrections

G U A R A N T E E D    S M I L E

The facial appearance and the way we bite and chew very much depend upon the structure and position of the two jaw bones, Upper Jaw and Lower Jaw.

Jaw Retrusion – Minor or gross retruded of the lower jaw can result in aesthetic and functional impairment. This can be corrected by an experienced Maxillo-Facial Surgeon by a simple restructuring of the jaw bone in question by a procedure called mandibular osteotomy. Short Jaws – Similarly, the jaw bone length is altered by surgical correction and includes bone grafting where necessary. These correction surgeries will also need a holistic approach of correcting the gum lines, teeth spacing etc. and in skilled hands can drastically improve the looks and functioning aspects of the facial skeleton.

Chin Corrections – Small Chin correction is a relatively simple procedure for an experienced maxillo-facial specialist and is called genioplasty.

Asymmetric Face – An asymmetric face is usually a result of asymmetry in the growth of one or both the jaws. An over growth of the lower jaw can be corrected by simple surgical removal of the excess bone and soft tissues. If the asymmetry of the face is due to the size of the jaw bones of one side being smaller than the other side, a simple treatment called “distraction osteogenesis” can be performed to lengthen the jaw size to equal that of the other side.


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